Hybrid telecom power cabinet Features

Reduce up to 80% operation cost, total efficiency over 96%

Use of standard components for easy design, highly standardized design with good flexibility

Protection level can be designed to the different working environment

Customized products based on regional, or end-user needs

Advanced monitoring software allow full monitoring and controls the entire system

Hybrid Solution benefit

Hybrid power site will be more reliable and stable
Renewable energy to save Kurdistan environment
Reduce fuel consumption for Generator running
Reduce Time working of Generator (longer life of Generator)
Less site maintenance, saving maintenance team cost
Less visit to site and more time saving using RMS

Cabinet Features

Small size, easy deployment
Compact design for installation of equipment
Intelligent battery management function helps to prolong battery lifespan
Easy installation & maintenance by front door design
Wide operating DC input range
Full galvanic isolation
Advanced max power point tracking routines
Support CAN communication
Anti-theft design

SkyRay has 8 years of experience in providing power solution

SkyRay has a special technical team who can provide 24/7 support to our customers

We take care of our customers by providing the best solution and the best service to keep them satisfied

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Smart Control and Monitoring System

Cabinet has special RMS system which have the following features, enable NOC to real time monitor and control all sites