The platform of our RMS is designed as the integrated system to realize a unified management through the same interface for all subsystems such as power & environment monitoring, video surveillance as well as access control, diesel generator & fuel management, power supply and distribution monitoring, energy consumption management and battery management. One-stop operation will be achieved, no need jump operation among multiple platforms.

UTRMS energy consumption management system is to change manual metering to remote intelligent meter reading to improve the efficiency of power consumption assessment and make the energy saving assessment more easily.

Easy interface

The system should provide the beautiful, friendly user interface to make the operation simply enough. Meanwhile provide multiple interaction method, such as internet browser and mobile APP on ANDROID and IOS tablets.

Smart system

The users can get their interested information anywhere and anytime if the network is available. The multiple alarm notification method should be also supported to ensure the personnel on duty or the supervisor deal with the important or emergency alarms in time

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