Our technology secures organizations against corporate fraud and financial losses, provides for internal risks management, compliance and for human factor control.
Neutralizes the human factor and protects a company from all types of fraud and internal incidents.


Corporate fraud detection
Time tracking and employee monitoring
Measuring employee morale
Software and hardware monitoring


UEBA and suspicious behavior Investigation
Operational management and compliance
Risk assessment Employee workability – complaints and allegations

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Risk monitoring features

Why Risk Monitor and Not a traditional DLP:

 Control of data transfer via various channels including end-to-end encryption
 Investigation tools: conduct ongoing or retrospective comprehensive investigation covering all channels and employees to identify all those involved in a policy violation
 Control of harmful human behavior – detect suspicious activity before an incident happens 
 Privileged user monitoring
 Automated profiling, detection of user dangerous predisposition
 IT infrastructure inventory
 Detection of corporate policies violation
 Data in motion and data at rest protection
 Incident investigation
 Unambiguous identification of violator
 Fraud, theft and bribery detection
 Secure perimeter – data encryption