About the project

  • Date: August, 2020
  • Client: KAR Group
  • Category:
  • Address: Erbil, Iraq
CCTV Project achieved for KAR Group Company, many cameras are connected with fiber with full protection. different types of switches and routers have been used with online UPS for keeping the monitoring up 24/7, our team used professional tools and equipment to implement this project, all power and fiber cables were extended underground in a professional way.

Benefits of Project

There are more options today for oil and gas surveillance than there have ever been in the past. Remote view security camera systems incorporate elements of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics that can discern between a human trespasser and, say, a coyote.
IP-enabled video surveillance can alert and record incidents of vandalism or sabotage to ensure you catch criminals. Today, the risks may be high, but remote video surveillance cameras give you a new prevention tool that pays for itself.

Technologies What We Used

We used Fiber optical networking, the Main Advantages of Fiber over Copper.

Greater Bandwidth & Faster Speed: Fiber optic cable can support extremely high bandwidth and greater speeds. The sheer amount of information that can be transmitted per element of optical fiber cable is its most significant advantage.

Cheap: Miles of fiber optic cable can be made much cheaper than equivalent lengths of UTP copper wire.

Distance: Easily one of the greatest advantages over UTP copper is the distance that fiber optics can provide for data transmissions.

Less signal degradation: The loss of signal in a fiber optic cable is much less than that in copper wire.

Light signals: Unlike the electrical signals that are transmitted in copper wires, light signals from one fiber do not interfere with the other fibers within the same cable.