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Risk Management (DLP & MLP)


Our technology secures organizations against corporate fraud and financial losses, provides for internal risks management, compliance and for human factor control.
Neutralizes the human factor and protects a company from all types of fraud and internal incidents.


Corporate fraud detection
Time tracking and employee monitoring
Measuring employee morale
Software and hardware monitoring


Risk monitoring features

  • Early discovery / warnings and preventions.
  • Data loss prevention.
  • Corporate fraud detection.
  • Investigation.
  • Measuring employee morale

Why Risk Monitor and Not a traditional DLP:

- Control of data transfer via various channels including end-to-end encryption
- Investigation tools: conduct ongoing or retrospective comprehensive investigation covering all channels and employees to identify all those involved in a policy violation
- Control of harmful human behavior – detect suspicious activity before an incident happens 
- Privileged user monitoring
- Automated profiling, detection of user dangerous predisposition
- IT infrastructure inventory
- Detection of corporate policies violation
- Data in motion and data at rest protection
- Incident investigation
- Unambiguous identification of violator
- Fraud, theft and bribery detection
- Secure perimeter – data encryption