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Star Towers, D4, Erbil, IRAQ

Lightning Protection & Grounding

SkyRay has a strong knowledge in lightning phenomenon and means of protection and specialized in lightning protection and earthing systems fields, and also innovates and invest, to ensure the durability of their product quality, of the service and the brand as well as client satisfaction.

SkyRay offers a complete system of lightning protection which is permanently connected with the users. Thread the years; the technological innovation became one of the founding values of the company, wedded to the realization of safety equipment’s of a high liability, due to lightning physical phenomenon and electrical energy. Best way of being protected from direct lightning strike damages and secondary damages by electromagnetic field of lightning current is to keep lightning away from the tower.

Different lightning strikes:

Negative descending lightning strikes, with a positive return arc.
Negative descending lightning strikes without positive return arc.
Positive ascending lightning strikes.


Each second, the earth is the seat of more than 2,000 storms they produce every second, hundreds of flashes of tens of thousands of amperes; scientifically 1/3 of them touches the ground. 

Storm SAT - Your 4 in 1 lightning protection solution

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