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Star Towers, D4, Erbil, IRAQ

Cell on Truck

SkyRay in cooperation with his partner can provide Cell on Truck solutions for telecommunication companies in the region, all with telescopic towers, our design team works with our customers to develop the best products at the most economical pricing to ensure we stay on budget and task. We have a large variety of designs in our portfolio for truck and trailer-mounted equipment.

Cell-On-Truck is designed to provide an industry standard to accommodate customer requirements in the areas of temporary mobile support services, event coverage, and rapid deployment during disaster recovery efforts as well other mobile communications requirements. The solution can be easily transported and rapidly deployed for the short term such as to temporarily increase capacity.

A Self-Contained Unit With:

1. Furnished Shelter

2. Up to 40m Tower

3. Built-in power supply generator

4. Fuel tank as additional fuel supply

5. Smaller deck space than a trailer.


1. No concrete or foundation required

2. Easy Mobilization – 6x4WD vehicle

3. Fast Deployment –1 to 3 hours.

4. Could travel at 100 - 120 Km/Hr.

6. Could lock at multiple heights.

7. Advertising space on shelter sides.

8. Could be used as a disaster recovery unit.

9. Capable to carry heavy loads up

10. Ideal for road shows, short festivals, sports events, etc...