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CCTV and IT Solutions

Services We Provide

  • Design and Engineering: planning of CCTV systems
  • Full network installation with ring protection.
  • Advisory Services.
  • Project Execution: installation of CCTV systems
  • Technical Maintenance: repair and maintenance of CCTV systems
  • Retail of CCTV monitoring systems.
  • Hosted video solutions


With the improvement in technology, the standard of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems in recent years have increased significantly. Access and affordability of high-end security systems is now well within reach of commercial operations and even residential dwellings.

Today’s CCTV systems can be best utilized for wide security coverage and utmost convenience; it also has the capability of producing high-resolution images and can even capture the minute details of the happenings.

Night Vision Once a feature of high-end camera’s and even then, the quality was very questionable. Modern professional (but residential based) CCTV systems now have the capability of identifying people within approximately 20 meters and have visibility of up to 50 meters.

Best Uses & Applications

CCTV cameras are mainly used for commercial properties and public safety applications and also suitable for larger residential properties requiring added cameras and network coverage.

  • Retail Storefronts & Interior Areas
  • Parking Garages
  • Warehouses/Loading Docks
  • Casinos/Hotels
  • Office Environments