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Risk Monitoring for KPC

About the project

  • PROJECT DATE: August, 2020
  • CATEGORY: IT solutions
  • ADDRESS: Erbil, Iraq

We implemented a very important project for KPC company to secure their data and protect it from internal leak and fraud, now KPC can monitor corporate fraud detection, measure employee morale, software, and hardware, risk assessment, operational management, and compliance.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • IP protection
  • Disloyal employee detection
  • Risk group shaping
  • Corporate fraud (detection/
  • Prevention / investigation)
  • Measuring employee productivity
  • In-depth investigation
  • Data-at-rest discovery
  • Abnormal behavior detection
  • Human behavior analysis
  • Sensitive data encryption

Technologies What We Used

Network Controller
which controls traffic at the network level

  • Mirrors traffic at the level of the corporate network (switch);
  • Mail, Instant Messengers, HTTP, FTP, Cloud.