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Star Towers, D4, Erbil, IRAQ

Fastlink Hybrid Power System

About the project

    • PROJECT DATE: October, 2019
    • CLIENT: Fastlink
    • CATEGORY: Energy
    • ADDRESS: Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Duhok cities

A huge power saving project has been implemented for Fastlink 4G company in 3 Big cities (Erbil, Duhok, and Sulaimanya), we change old tower cabinets to a new hybrid-solution cabinet that use Lithium-Ion batteries that can supply the site with power for 10 hours when main grid power cutoff, this project was very successful and solved many problems for Fastlink company and Fastlink company very satisfied for perfect implementation and excellent timing schedule.

Since 2019 and till now, all our hybrid-power-cabinet performances are excellent and their efficiency is very good, in this project the supplied Lithium batteries carry 5 years warranty which shows our trustful in our products.

Technologies What We Used

we used Lithium ION batteries in our new power cabinets which are able to be recharged hundreds of times and are more stable. They tend to have a higher energy density, voltage capacity, and lower self-discharge rate than other rechargeable batteries. This makes for better power efficiency as a single cell has longer charge retention than other battery types.